2nd European Hyperloop Symposium (Hybrid)

Nov 7, 2022

Revolutionizing the mobility of the future with know-how from Europe

European Hyperloop Symposium in Brüssel

Emden Brüssel/Emden – The current status and goals of Europe-wide Hyperloop research as well as the project „EU HyTeC“ were presented on Monday at the 2nd European Hyperloop Symposium at the Representation of the State of Lower Saxony to the European Union in Brussels. The event was hosted by the Institute for Hyperloop Technology (IHT) of the University of Applied Sciences Emden/Leer in cooperation with the Lower Saxony Ministry of Science and Culture (MWK).

The scientific symposium, organized by the IHT with contributions from international researchers and developers, focused on the use of hyperloop technology for a climate-neutral Europe. The currently inoperative Transrapid test facility in Lathen is ideally suited as a center for the high-speed project on sustainable mobility. According to the project leads, the facility offers optimal conditions for a cost-effective and timely implementation of the project to advance realistic research and technology developments for the high-speed transport system Hyperloop.

In addition to Professors Walter Neu and Thomas Schüning from the Faculty of Technology at the University of Applied Sciences Emden/Leer, the Dutch partners of the start-up Hardt also had their say at the symposium, presenting the advantages of a transport infrastructure supplemented by the Hyperloop. Marcus Ebert, Deutsche Bahn, contributed interesting aspects from the perspective of an operator. Lukas Eschment, now a doctoral student at the IHT, and other members of the former competition teams from all over Europe, followed the discussion with rapt attention.

After the conclusion of the scientific conference, the IHT presented contributions to hyperloop research for representatives from the European Commission and the European Parliament at the invitation of the MWK of Lower Saxony. This event with 70 participants was opened by Jens Giesecke, Member of the European Parliament and Vice-Chairman of the Transport Committee. Carlo Borghini, Executive Director Europe’s Rail, emphasized in his speech „Hyperloop together with rail can be the solution to the energy and climate challenges of a climate neutral Europe“.

from left Walter Neu, Jens Gieseke, Carlo Borghini, Thomas Schüning

The exhibit of the prototype of the student teams HyperPodX of the University of Applied Sciences Emden/Leer and the University of Oldenburg brought the competition atmosphere from Los Angeles to Brussels. Keynote speeches highlighted the innovative approach of Hyperloop technology from a European and global perspective.

Source: Institute of Hyperloop Technology

Both events were supported by the state of Lower Saxony with the program Niedersachsen FIT, which supports the networking and cooperation of the developers of Hyperloop technologies on a European level. „We have successfully formulated new goals with our European partners and have been able to expand our network of supporters,“ Prof. Walter Neu drew a positive conclusion from Brussels, in short „a complete success“ according to Prof. Thomas Schüning.

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