Construction Journal

Pavement and Equipment

There are next steps left and right! We would like to show you some more pictures from the construction site itself. Equipment is arriving and part by part it will be installed Now the pavement has been completed, so that one can already imagine where the Tube will be placed.





GoTube Design

We would like to introduce you to the technical drawings showing the installations we are working towards right now. Our GoTube demonstrator will be fully operational including vacuum pumps to reach operating conditions of CargoTube.





We would like to show you the results of the last steps of the casting of our foundations. The three concrete pillars are now awaiting the tube to be placed on top.




Groundworks and Foundations

Fun fact the foundations of our test infrastructure are anchored 20m deep in the ground preventing any settling of the heavy infrastructure, allowing for precise measurements and accurate results. And no these are not our hyperloop tubes, they are way too small.

Take a look at the speed with which construction is going on.


Construction work in progress

After the pruning work in winter, the initial preparations for the foundation of our GoTube demonstrator have been completed and we are finally looking forward to further construction work this spring.